Trelp fills in the gaps that were missing up until now.

Upon Arrival Directions

Know EXACTLY what to do when you arrive at your pick up/drop off location. Have better directions? Don't hesitate to help other peer truckers.

Nearby Sleeping/Parking Spots

Arrived a bit early or a little too late and have a few hours to relax? See nearby sleeping/parking spots or explore and share with others!

Updated Coordinates

Many times GPS routing fails to get you exactly where you need to go. Trelp allows you to get precise arrival coordinates for trucking routes. Trelpers can add or correct routes to pave the way for more efficient arriving process.

Share Useful Tips

Have other useful information or observed some nifty tips about the location you arrived at? Share it with everyone and next time everyone will share with you!

Save time, nerves and money.

Trelp - more than “yelp” for truck drivers. It is very common that truck drivers don’t have the precise directions to arrive to the exact pick up/drop off locations. And even upon arrival, they face even more issues!

• Can I make a turn down the street or will I be stuck and need to violate traffic laws to get out?
• Who do I talk to upon arrival?
• Where is the exact main entrance for the trucks that GPS doesn't show?
• What if I have some time to rest and don't want to drive miles to the nearest truck stop or rest area?

Trelp has the answers for you!
Trelp is a social app for truck drivers that creates a better work experience, saves tons of time, and thousands of dollars. Trelp allows truck drivers to share the experience they had and knowledge they gained at a particular drop off or pick up location. Most importantly, by trelping not only would you gain access to a constantly growing database full of tips, recommendations and guidances — you can also help other truck drivers by sharing your experiences at different locations!

It is already pretty useful for me and my team. I encourage every truck driver to have it.

Bob C.
Truck Driver

Overall a well designed app. Nothing extra that is unnecessary. Found the location, checked if there are any directions. Didn't find anything - added a new one.

Jeff R.
Testing Truck Driver

I will ask all my drivers to install Trelp and give it a try..

John L.
Trucking company owner

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Directions, Sleeping Spots, Updated Coordinates

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